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HVAC Solutions for Architects and Engineers

Schematic for Architects & Engineers pageAt High Performance Energy Solutions, we don’t just install heating and cooling systems. First, we design quality HVAC plans that are extremely efficient and effective. Then we implement those plans with precision. We work with many local architects and engineers who trust us to take their designs and create a plan within them for HVAC equipment and ductwork. Not only do they know we will do the job right, but it helps them plan the build better because we give them a visual schematic of the design ahead of time.

Our plans show the locations of supply diffusers, return grills, units, duct main and branch runs and exhaust fans and terminations. This makes it easy to see problems or snags in the design as work progresses. Let’s say a builder decides to add fireplace to a room and there’s a duct in that same location. They’ll know it before it’s a problem and can reconfigure quickly and easily without delaying the build.  But, the biggest reason architects and engineers like working with us is that they know we provide quality work on every level.

Our HVAC Systems Perform at a Higher Level

Just installing a quality system isn’t enough. Our systems are performance tested. We provide a commissioning, balance and performance report on every system we install. Because we create and follow a plan from the beginning, use proper sizing according to ACCA standards and have licensed and certified technicians who really care about quality, our installations are not only superior, but also save money because they are energy efficient. We use advanced digital tools for our performance verification and provide testing documentation to back up our work.  When High Performance Energy Solutions works with you on a project, just like our name says, you can expect a high level of performance.

We Follow ACCA Guidelines and Never Cut Corners

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things and the reason architects and engineers like working with High Performance Energy Solutions is because they know we always do things the right way. Our technicians are trained to follow ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) manuals so that every calculation is correct.

HVAC Manual J photo

Sizing is critical in heating and cooling, so Manual J helps us calculate the correct size of equipment to install. This makes a big difference in making sure customers are comfortable in their homes and save the most on utility bills.



HVAC Manual D photoDuctwork is a big part of how effective and efficient a building’s HVAC system will be and manual D covers the proper sizing of ducts and accessories. There are a lot of choices when it comes to heating and cooling equipment and we don’t leave that to chance.


HVAC Manual S photoWe use the calculations provided in ACCA Manual S to ensure the correct equipment is installed. Everything we do, we do with precision and our partners know and appreciate that.


We don’t just install equipment, we make it as efficient as possible. Call us for any HVAC work you need – residential or commercial. We’ll do it right.

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